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We offer high-quality polyurethane bushings for cars of the CASTER and SURFIL brands. All silent blocks and bushings are made of three-component polyurethane systems, specially designed for car suspensions, made in England.

Silentblocks of the CASTER trademark are manufactured at the facilities of the world leader in the field of work with polyurethane components in car suspensions - the SURFIL company. It is no secret to anyone that the silent blocks produced by this company are the best in many indicators, whether it is the car's handling or the durability of the suspension.

What is the main function of the silent blocks, why are they needed, and what the benefits you get when installing silent blocks "CASTER" What is the main function perform silent blocks, why are they needed at all, and what advantages do you get when installing silent blocks? CASTER?

Silentblocks are the main elements of suspensions; they connect levers, stabilizers, jet thrusts with a car body. Their main task is to reduce vibrations and shocks transmitted to the car body, and at the same time they must ensure freedom of movement of the suspension parts in the necessary planes while keeping all wheel alignment angles in the given parameters.

If, for example, you put very good shock absorbers, beautiful tires, other excellent parts on the car, but the silent blocks do not perform their functions correctly, you will not receive good handling and driving comfort, because the angles of the wheels will be walking. Right set angles are 50% controllability, and therefore your safety. Setting SURFIL or CASTER silentblocks your vehicle’s suspension keeps all wheel alignment angles as they should be under any conditions.