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Dear customers! 

You can buy silentblocks of the CASTER trademark by ordering them by phone or email, specified in the CONTACTS section. We do not sell our products in any other stores, online forums, markets, etc. It is all done to protect you from low-quality fakes. Having ordered our products you get highest-quality products, and we are quiet for your life and health on the road, and, in all honesty, for the reputation of our brand. 

Respectfully, CASTER team

Why is it better to buy silent blocks from us
  • You are insured from fakes
  • You get the highest quality silent blocks at the price of manufacturer
  • Your car will reveal its potential in terms of controllability
  • You will significantly increase your safety

About the company

We offer high-quality polyurethane bushings for cars of the CASTER and SURFIL brands. All silent blocks and bushings are made of three-component polyurethane systems, specially designed for car suspensions, made in England. Silent blocks of the CASTER trademark are manufactured at the facilities of the world leader in the field of work with polyurethane components in car suspensions - the SURFIL company. It is no secret to anybody that the silent blocks produced by this company are the best in many respects, whether it is the controllability of the car or the durability of the suspension. You may have a reasonable question why we sell SURFIL silent blocks under our own brand, although these are the same silent blocks at the same price. Everything is very simple, at this stage, the range of CASTER silent blocks exactly matches the range of SURFIL products, but in the future our range will expand significantly, since we not only sell SURFIL products, but we also order the design and manufacture of silent blocks specifically for our enterprise.

H2 Why did we choose “SURFIL” as the manufacturer of silent blocks for our brand?

  • all silent blocks and bushings are made of the best three-component polyurethane systems made in England.
  • Silent blocks are designed and calculated by the company's engineers specifically for a particular car using the most modern computer calculation technologies.
  • the entire production process is performed at the highest level.

Let's look at these points in more detail. What does “of the best three-component polyurethane systems” mean? The fact is that polyurethane is a whole class of materials with different characteristics and properties. Some are very elastic, but not durable, others, on the contrary, still others in the form of foam. That is, polyurethanes are specifically designed for specific applications. (By the way, the well-known polyurethane foam is also polyurethane). So, many manufacturers use cheap polyurethane systems, as well as simpler to process, so as not to “bother” with complex production technology. For example, take polyurethane for the production of decorative skirting boards or foundry molds for concrete production, and make bushings and bushings out of it - the result is obvious - such a product will either fail very quickly or turn out to be too hard, and as a result you will get:

  1. Underneath you is a "stool" instead of your usual comfortable suspension.
  2. Quick wear of the power elements of the body, as the silent blocks must have damping properties and minimize the shock and vibration transmitted to the body.
  3. Squeaks and other extraneous noise.

Speaking of squeaks, if bushings or bushings were sold to you, and after installation they started to creak, this is evidence that the product is not dimensioned or the material does not have the necessary properties to work in this unit. Very often, such manufacturers go to the trick and offer to lubricate the connection points !!! In no case do this!

It will squeeze out the grease very quickly, wash it off with water, dust and sand will fall into the gap, and your bushing will work as an abrasive, erasing the part of your car - for example, a stabilizer, and soon you will have to replace it with a new one. The bushing or silent block should work due to the elasticity of the material, whether it is rubber or polyurethane, and not slip under any conditions. Therefore, in our silent blocks only specially designed polyurethane systems are used.

Н3 What does it mean "designed and calculated by the company’s engineers specifically for a particular car"?

Not a competent person can say what to develop there - took the original silent block and copied it. Most “manufacturers" do just that. They take silicone or the same polyurethane for the production of molds, dipped the part and got a “mold” for the production of silent blocks, but the fact that rubber and polyurethanes have different stiffnesses, elastic moduli and other characteristics is not interesting for anyone, and of course they heard the word “sopromat” but they don’t fully understand what it means. Even the required dimensions cannot be obtained in this way, since all materials have different shrinkage. As a result, you get a kind of “stucco molding” that is far in its properties from correctly performing its functions.

Then you can hear from the injured car owners who bought such a “product” that the polyurethane is hard, quickly breaks down, bushings and silent blocks creak, etc.

H4 What is the main function of the silent blocks, why are they needed, and what advantages do you get when installing the silent blocks? CASTER?

Hobs are the main elements of the suspensions; they connect levers, stabilizers, jet thrusts with the car body. Their main task is to reduce vibrations and shocks transmitted to the car body, and at the same time they must ensure freedom of movement of the suspension parts in the necessary planes while keeping all the angles of the wheels in the given parameters. If, for example, you put very good shock absorbers, beautiful tires, other excellent parts on the car, but the silent blocks do not perform their functions correctly, you will not get good handling and driving comfort, because the wheel alignment will be walking. Correctly set angles are 50% controllability, and accordingly, your safety. By installing the SURFIL or CASTER silent blocks, the suspension of your car saves all wheel alignment angles as they should be in any conditions.

H5 So, why is it better to buy silent blocks from us:
  1. You are insured against fake as we work directly with the manufacturer (recently, you can find a lot of silent blocks of blue color that sellers give out as “SURFIL”).
  2. You get the highest quality silent blocks at the factory price.
  3. Your car will reveal its potential in terms of handling, laid down by the designers of your car, and you, in turn, will be able to enjoy a properly working suspension, and at the same time, significantly increase your safety.